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Shinsei Shinsei (新生新星) was the first book of Star Trek: The Original Series manga published by TokyoPop.


Star Trek Goes Manga!
Japanese-style sequential art combines with the most renowned science fiction franchise ever created to capture the spirit of the original series in a completely new way. Ten artists and writers deliver tales of triumph aboard the original NCC-1701. Like the original TV series, these new journeys venture into the terrain of social politics, personal reflection... and bare-knuckled brawls between the dashing Captain Kirk and various indigenous beats. Spock's unflappable logic, Bone's flare for drama, Scotty's perpetual struggle to keep the lights on... all come at you in a fresh, new style…


Writer: Chris Dows
Artist: Makoto Nakatsuka
Writer: Joshua Ortega
Artist: Gregory Giovanni Johnson
Writer: Mike W. Barr
Artist: Jeong Mo Yang
Writer: Jim Alexander
Aritst: Michael J. Shelfer
Writer: Rob Tokar
Artist: E.J. Su
Writers: Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore
(prose short story)



  • The Japanese title Shinsei Shinsei means New Life, New Star.
  • "Anything But Alone" was reprinted as a cross-promotion in the prose anthology Constellations.
  • There were two alternate covers, one exclusive to Diamond Comic Distributors and the other distributed by Creation Entertainment at convention events.




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Publication history

September 2006
"Anything But Alone" reprinted in the Constellations anthology. (Pocket Books)
24 October 2019
Reprinted in Graphic Novel Collection #83. (Eaglemoss Collections)


Spanish: by Edge Entertainment. (ISBN 9788496802247)
Ukranian: As Zoryany shlyakh (To New Stars), translated by I. Andrushchenko, by Pen. (ISBN 978-966-462-354-1)
Russian: As Новая жизнь, новые звезды (New Life, New Stars), translated by A. Baranov, by Rosman-Press. (ISBN 978-5-353-05125-1)

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