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The ship's log on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A), also known as the Enterprise-A log, was the method used by Starfleet officers other than the commanding officer to officially record the Federation starship's missions.

Log entrants



From the year 2287.
Ship's log, stardate 8490.7
Commander Sulu recording in the captain's absence. We have just received a communication from Mr. Spock. He and protocol officer R.J. Blaise, along with Captain Kirk, are prisoners aboard the command ship of the notorious bounty hunter, Sweeney. Mr. Spock and Miss Blaise, who has been wounded, have made it to a transporter room and are awaiting the lowering of the shields:…a task the captain has assigned to himself. In the meantime, Federation ships are staring down the barrels of Sweeney's armaments…and several more would-be bidders in the auction for the captain have just shown up. I am trying to keep a lid on things, but I do not anticipate continued success. I only hope the captain's luck is better… (TOS comic: "... Gone!")
Ship's log, supplemental
Talks have broken down, and warning shots have proven ineffective. If we could retrieve the captain, Spock and Blaise, we could withdraw. But with shields up and phasers blasting, that is not an option. (TOS comic: "... Gone!")


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