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Begin your career as a Starship engineer.

The Ship Construction Manual contains all of the information necessary to construct starships for your Star Trek Role Playing Games. The recently-declassified information in the manual allows the design of state-of-the-art starships of Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Goran [sic] or Orion origin. The easy-to-use format, combined with comprehensive data also provides the information necessary to build any ship active during the last 60 years of Star Trek history.

The 80-page rulebook includes the tables for various engines, weapons, shields, and computers that make up starships, essays on the design philosophy of the major races, detailed information on the cost and availability of the equipment, and a system for rating the ship in combat.

The Ship Construction Manual is required reading for all Star Fleet personnel and potential ship designers from all the major races.



Referenced only 
Joshua AbramsPaul AndersElizabeth CharlottesZephram CochraneRandall L. DaystromRichard DaystromPriscilla FeddricHarold S. LeedstromD.T. PooleCollier ShaneWarren ShillingeRandolph WebbeJames WilsonWilliam Wyandotte

Starships and vehicles[]

USS EnterpriseUSS ExcelsiorUSS JasokheUSS K'Ree


Institutions and shipboard locations[]

airlockarmorybriefing roombrigchapeldecontamination chambergymnasiumnacellesickbay

Planets and planetoids[]

Genoa VIOmicron Theta IITerra

Stars and star systems[]

Stellar regions[]

Races and cultures[]

Alpha CentauranGornHumanKlingonOrionRomulanVulcan

States and organizations[]

Charlottes Shields, Inc.Chiokis Starship Construction CorporationDaystrom Data ConceptsGorn AllianceGorn NavyHiBeam Energies LimitedH. R. CharlottesJohanson Energy Co-opKlingon EmpireKlingon Imperial NavyKloratis DrivesLandauer Space Dynamics Inc.Laundauer SysTech Ltd.Leeding Engines LimitedLoraxial Ltd.Mariola TechnologiesOrion ColoniesPerandis CompWorksRomulan Imperial NavyRomulan Star EmpireShiputer CorporationShuvinaaljis Warp Technologies IncorporatedSmith & Smythe Motorworks, Ltd.StarfleetSurelox SystemsUnited Federation of PlanetsWilliams WeaponsWilson Energies, Ltd.Wyandotte Defense Shields Corp.

Weapons and technology[]

accelerator cannoncloaking devicedeflector shielddisruptorhypothermia capsuleimpulse engineL-12 computerL-13 computerL-14 computerlaserM-1 computerM-2 computerM-3 computerM-4 computerM-5 computerM-6 computermicrowarp enginephaserphoton torpedoplasma weaponshield generatortractor beamtransportertranswarp enginewarp engine

Ranks and titles[]


Other references[]

Four Years WarRomulan WarTriDuralloy