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A new multi-role Federation Starfleet starship commissioned in 2409.

Raptor classEdit

A new Klingon destroyer launched in 2397, based on the 22nd century Raptor-class.

Oslo classEdit

A new Federation Starfleet starship launched in 2393, based on the Norway-class but with greater modularity allowing components to be swapped out with the Norway-classes sister ships the Akira and Zephyr-class.

Type VII Commercial LaboratoryEdit

A new multi-use commercial ship launched in 2405. The Type VII originated from private Cardassian designers but has subsequently been adopted by the Kobheerians, Galadorans, Barolians and Coverians. It is used, in various modified forms, for a variety of scientific missions.

Excalibur classEdit

A new Federation Starfleet starship class commissioned in 2391, the Excalibur-class, designed by Graarvin Narl takes the classic form of the Constitution-class, but with the modular design of late-24th century Starfleet. The new design is intended as workhorse, a tough and hardy support ship, or reliable sturdy vessel working independently.

Reconnaissance PhotoEdit

A report from Klingon Intelligence on the fate of the choS Battle Group which had been sent to investigate the Romulan Forge facility and were attacked by an advanced Romulan starship.

Vo'Quv classEdit

A new type of Klingon Defense Force super carrier is commissioned in 2407. The Vo'Quv-class is equipped "with more space and armaments than even the mighty Negh'Var". A new warship to lead Klingon forces.



D'rakalMartokNeroKurakGraarvin NarlQuenWorf

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IKS Ki'tangNaradaNCC-94547NX-91001IKS QivIKS TagakUSS TriesteSS Trialas
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ablative hull platingbioneural circuitcentral power matrixcloaking devicedeflector arraydeflector shield generatordilithiumdilithium chamberelectronic countermeasureelectro-plasma distribution networkEmergency Command HologramEmergency Medical Hologramgravitron beamholodeckholoemitterhyper impulse driveindustrial replicatorMetaphasic shieldneuronneutronium alloyparatrinic shield generatorparticle dampenersphotonic lifeformquantum sublimating theta-matrix compositorregeneration chamberregenerative shieldingrobotic exo-proberodinium alloysensor podstasis unitsubnucleonic beamsubspace variancetachyon pulsetelemetric observation VISORtetraburnium alloytractor beamtritanium alloywarp corewarp drive
disruptor beam arraydisruptor cannonphaserphoton torpedoplasma weaponquantum torpedotype X phaser arraytype XII phaser arraytype XIV phaser array


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