The Ships of the Line calendar for 2002.


A crewman in an EVA suit, standing next to a workbee on the warp nacelle pylon of the Galaxy-class starship, watches the sun rise over Earth.
  • February: An onslaught of micrometeorite collisions test the hull integrity of the starship Defiant before it is brought into service. By Ensign Michel Gadbois.
The Defiant-class starship flying through the rings of a gas giant.
  • March: The newly refitted USS Enterprise NCC-1701 makes its way through the outer layers of a thick biomechanical cloud leading to the heart of V'Ger. Image captured by Starfleet long-range sensors.
An almost head-on view of the Constitution-class starship, its viewports, exterior lights and navigational deflector glowing brightly within the cloud. (TOS movie: The Motion Picture)
Workbees at Utopia Planitia
Row upon row of workbees parked nose to tail. Includes 'bees 007, 013, 101, 123, 201, 316, 342, 345, 411, 512, 666, 906 and 909.
A view of the surface of Mars through the lattice-like structure of the partially completed starship's primary hull.
An Earth Spacedock-type space station surrounded by light trails from incoming and outgoing vessels. Amongst those visible are a Nebula-class starship keeping station near the spacedock, an incoming Saber-class ship, and a departing runabout and Galaxy-class starship.
(VOY episode: "Dark Frontier").
A distorted shot of the ChR Gal Gath'thong just after it fired its plasma torpedo. (TOS episode: "Balance of Terror")
  • September: Honoring the Dahar Master Kor his last command, the IKS Kahless, is hurtled into the atmosphere. Its fiery trail is a symbol of the countless victories that have brought honor to the warrier and his vessel. By David Morton, chief attaché, Federation Embassy on Qo'noS.
  • October: Commander William Duffy captured the color and light patterns dancing along the surface of the newly refitted Starship Enterprise. The commander calls this a "Song of Light." By Commander William Duffy.
A view of the Constitution-class starship's secondary hull and port warp nacelle & pylon from the bow of the starboard nacelle. The light from the nacelles, running and formation lights illuminate the dark starship.
  • November: Silent and abandoned over Omega IV, the sensors of the USS Exeter note the arrival of her sister ship, the Enterprise. Image from the log of the Starship Exeter.
On the darkened and empty bridge of the Exeter, the Enterprise fills the viewscreen.
A blurred image of Voyager as it races through red-tinged valleys and canyons.



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