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The Ships of the Line calendar for 2011.


The USS Enterprise-A is entering a space dock. In the background, there is the USS Excelsior and an unnamed Miranda class starship. This image is later animated for drex-tv01. In the animation, the animator added a second Miranda-class starship and a Valley Forge type starship. This new class is seen later in the calendar.
The USS Enterprise is traveling past an asteroid.
The USS Kelvin (NCC-0514) is passing through a planetary system.
A Romulan starship of a new class is in fleet maneuvers with two D'deridex class warbirds.
  • April: High Voltage Paint Scraper, by deg
In the 2260s, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) engages a D7 class battlecruiser.
In 2285, the USS Enterprise is firing phasers at the commandeered USS Reliant (NCC-1864).
The alternate reality USS Enterprise is leaving spacedock in orbit of Earth. The starships USS Mayflower (NCC-1621), USS Armstrong (NCC-1769), and the USS Newton (NCC-1727) are docked at one of the hubs.
The Enterprise (NX-01) is shown in top, bottom, front, rear, side, and an angled view. Text for this ship explains the refit. For the second ship, there is a close-up of the components of the starship and a side view. Text for this early Enterprise explains the ship's importance.
  • July: Klingon Repair Dock - Licking Her Wounds, by Dave Morton
A Klingon bird-of-prey of the 22nd century is undergoing repairs in a drydock.
The wrecked USS Constellation (NCC-1017) is shown adrift in an asteroid field. This image is from the episode "The Doomsday Machine".
The refitted Enterprise prepares to leave drydock.
The shuttlecraft Galileo is on approach to the starship Enterprise. This image is from the episode "Journey to Babel".
A fleet of eight Starfleet starships engages an unidentified enemy in an unnamed planetary system in the late 23rd century. The armada consisted of the Constitution class USS Enterprise-A, two John Glenn type ships (the USS John Glenn and the NCC-2001), two Sun Tzu type ships (the USS Sun Tzu and an unidentified sister ship), two Valley Forge type ships (the USS Valley Forge-A and the NCC-1878-A) and an unidentified ship of unknown class.
Sometime after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis, the Argo is seen on approach from a perspective within the USS Enterprise-E's main shuttlebay. Suspended from the ceiling of the bay, there are four McCall-class fighters: (the McCall, the Yeager, the Siouxsie, and the Edwards). Across from the fighters, there are four Type-11 shuttlecraft, including the Galileo.



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