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The Ships of the Line calendar for 2015.

Publisher's description[]

A longtime favorite among Trekkers and sci-fi fans, Star Trek: Ships of the Line 2015 Wall Calendar gives even aficionados something they can't get elsewhere - spectacular illustrations of the ships and vessels from the Star Trek television series, films, and rich lore.


USS Enterprise defending Starbase Vanguard against Tholian fighters.
VAN novel: Storming Heaven cover image.
The Columbia-class SS Enterprise passing a supernova remnant.
The Columbia-class SS Enterprise travelling with two Xindi-Reptilian Contortrix-class escorts through the remnants of the Delphic Expanse.
The Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E after performing saucer separation in orbit of a planet with at least four moons, together with two McCall-class shuttlecraft, Shuttle 227 and Shuttle 469.
A D'ama-class battlecruiser above a cratered surface.
Near a ringed planet, USS Enterprise escorts the Leif Ericson.
USS Titan approaches a Watchtower-class starbase above a class M planet.
  • Center: Starbase Bajor Proposal, by Doug Drexler
Construction of Starbase Bajor.
ST - Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn cover image.
Four Saber-class starships USS Garza, USS Sanders, USS Sentry and USS Peterson are charging towards a moon base while under fire from said station.
The USS Enterprise-A and USS Reliant exchange supplies via the Type-4 shuttlecraft Galileo.
Starfleet utility vessels, among them the Annie and numerous sphinx workpods, retrieve wreckage, desolate ships, lifeboats and escape pods from the aftermath of the battle at Wolf 359.
Among the wrecks are at least two Constitution-class starships, a Miranda-class, a Niagara-class, a Nebula-class, a Cheyenne-class, a Nova-class, a New Orleans-class, and a Type-6 shuttlecraft.
  • October: Occupation, by Alain Rivard
Three K't'inga-class and two D5-class battlecruisers docked at the first Deep Space 9.
A new type of Romulan bird-of-prey engages three pod-launching Daedalus-class starships, including USS Archon and USS Essex, during the Romulan War.
SS Enterprise and USS Enterprise side by side above a class M planet.



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