The Ships of the Line calendar for 2017.

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In celebration of Star Trek™'s landmark 50th anniversary, the 2017 edition of this fan-favorite calendar is dedicated to showcasing spectacular images of the most famous vessel in the Federation: the U.S.S. Enterprise™ (NCC-1701), in a variety of iconic scenes and settings.

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A cropped version of the centerfold image.
In proximity to Murasaki 312, Galileo prepares for departure from Enterprise's hangar bay.
SS Botany Bay launches from Earth escorted by two jet aircraft.
(The Botany Bay's hull carries the logo of the Dyson-Yoyodyne corporation.)
  • March: Space Seed - Descent, by Doug Drexler
Enterprise and Galileo shepherd Botany Bay in orbit of Ceti Alpha V.
At the Presidio near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, several Federation shuttlecraft are at rest on a landing pad, including the USS Jefferies and the class F shuttlecraft Galileo from the Enterprise.
(The USS Jefferies is based on the curved-hull shuttle originally designed by Star Trek: The Original Series art director and production designer, Matt Jefferies.)
Enterprise and IKS Gr'oth orbit Deep Space Station K-7.
Enterprise encounters Nomad.
  • Center: One Big Happy Fleet, by Doug Drexler
The Constitution-class USS Enterprise takes center stage among a fleet of Federation Starfleet, United Earth Starfleet, and Earth space stations, starships, shuttlecraft, and other spacecraft and probes. Also making an appearance is the Cardassian Union designed Nor-class station Deep Space 9.
Upper left quarter
Constellation-class, modular space station, USS Prometheus (Prometheus-class), Friendship One, Altair-class variant, Federation fighter, Excelsior-class, Type-6 shuttlecraft, USS Defiant (Defiant-class), SS Conestoga, Galileo, Federation-class, Ptolemy-class
Lower left quarter
USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class), Constitution-class (2250s configuration), Type-6 shuttlecraft, inspection pod, SS Botany Bay (DY-100), Sphinx workpod, Apollo 11 lunar module & lander, USS Stargazer (Constellation-class), Type-10 shuttlecraft Chaffee, USS Equinox (Nova-class), Pod 1 (OTV type K42), 2x multispacial probes, Enterprise (Columbia-class), Type-9 shuttlecraft, USS Voyager (Intrepid-class), USS Enterprise-J, NX type escape pod, augmented personnel module
Upper right quarter
Starfleet Headquarters, Jupiter Station, drydock, USS Daedalus (Daedalus-class), Steamrunner-class, USS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class), Leif Ericson, Enterprise concept
Lower right quarter
workbee, USS Enterprise (Constitution-class refit), Ganges-class, USS Shenandoah (Danube-class), Saber-class, USS Enterprise-C (Ambassador-class), USS Thunderchild (Akira-class), USS Reliant (Miranda-class), class-2 probe, Galaxy-class with tactical pod, Enterprise (NX-class), Delta Flyer
Enterprise gets up close and personal with the First Federation vessel Fesarius.
ChR Memenda and two other Akif-class Romulan starships surround the Enterprise.
Disabled by Tholian Assembly starships, Enterprise becomes trapped in their energy web.
In retaliation for the destruction of Outpost 4, Enterprise engages the ChR Gal Gath'thong in battle.
Under the control of a rogue M-5 computer, Enterprise attacks her sister ships Excalibur, Hood, Lexington, and Potemkin.
Captain John Christopher intercepts the Enterprise in his F-104 Starfighter Bluejay 4.

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