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Delta Quadrant - Ledosian to Zahl is the sixth volume in the Star Trek Shipyards in-universe reference work series, and the second of two volumes focusing on ships of the Delta Quadrant. It features 59 spacecraft and was released by Eaglemoss Collections through its Hero Collector imprint in 2021.

Publisher's description[]

Dust jacket 
Profiling more than 50 ships that Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant, this is the 2nd of two volumes that profile the ships from STAR TREK: VOYAGER.
Featuring the Lokirrim Warship, the Species 8472 Bioship, and the Vidiian Warships, and many more. Including technical overviews and operational histories, the ships are illustrated with CG artwork, created using the original VFX models made for the STAR TREK: VOYAGER TV series.
With previously unseen artwork, the two official volumes form the most comprehensive account of ships from STAR TREK: VOYAGER ever produced.





Starships and vehicles[]

Ledosian patrol vesselLokirrim warshipLokirrim patrol shipMalon export vesselMalon freighter

Mawasi cruiserMislenite freighterMonean starshipNasari patrol shipNihydron shipNocona's mining shipNorcadian Tsunkatse arena shipNumiri patrol shipNuu'Bari mining vesselNygean prisoner transportNygean shipOnquanii's shipOrd'mirit mining shipPralor starshipQatai's shipQuarren orbital shipQuarren scavenger shipRakosan fighterRamuran tracer shiprescue vesselRenovation Team Nova shipReptohumanoid shipSerosian vesselSikarian shipSpecies 6339 shipSpecies 8472 bioshipSrivani vesselSwarm shipTalaxian BaxialTalaxian fighter 1 • Talaxian fighter 2 • Taresian shipMr. Tash's subspace catapultTau's freighterTelsian shipThink Tank vesselTurei shipVaadwaur assault fighterVarn's shipVarro generation shipVidiian starshipVidiian warshipVidiian shipVoid shipVojean shipVoth city shipVoth research vesselWixiban's freighterWyngari ship type 1 • Wyngari ship type 2 • Wysanti shipZahl starshipunknown species ship


Delta QuadrantLedosNekrit ExpanseRakosa VTalaxthe Void (region)

Ranks and titles[]


States and organizations[]

Renovation Team NovaThink Tank (group)

Races and cultures[]

BenkaranCravicGaranHaakonianLedosianLokirrimLokirrim hologramMalonMawasiMisleniteMoneanNasariNihydronNorcadianNumiriNuu'BariNygeanOrd'miritPenk's speciesPralorQatai's speciesQuarrenRakosanRamuranReptohumanoidSerosianSikarianSpecies 6339Species 8472SrivaniSwarm speciesTalaxianTaresianTelsianTureiVaadwaurVarroVidiianVothWyngariWysantiZahl

Events and treaties[]

Antarian Trans-stellar RallyTsunkatse

Science and classification[]

quantum slipstream drive

Materials and substances[]

antimatterdeuteriumdilithiumOmega moleculeOmega particle

Other references[]

22nd century23rd century24th centuryyear







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Shipyards: The Borg and the Delta Quadrant
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