Shishkabob (alternately shish-kebob) was a type of Human culinary adaptation, involving food, usually meat with fruits or vegetables, skewered on sticks and cooked over fire. (TOS novel: Uhura's Song)

In the late 1990s of an alternate timeline, an away team of USS Enterprise crew members was caught breaking into the Cerebro section of the headquarters of the mutant group known as the X-Men. One of the X-Men's members known as Wolverine threatened to turn Geordi LaForge into shish kabob using his claws. (TNG comic: "Second Contact")

In 2266, Christine Chapel, having narrowly escaped being skewered by a robot chessman's lance, said that it was the closest she wanted to come to being a human shish-kabob. (TOS comic: "Child's Play")

In 2270, shishkabobs were served to the Klingon group at a diplomatic dinner on Paragon Colony. Captain Kirk judged that the shishkabobs were rather bland based on Captain Koloth's expression. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1)

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