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Novelization of the two-part episode.


The starship Enterprise (NX-01) has carried its crew farther into the reaches of space than any Human has ever traveled. Commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, they have charted new stars, explored planets, and made first contact with many alien races.
The Paraagan deep-space colony was just another first contact, unusual in only two aspects: it was a matriarchal society, and the atmosphere was filled with a highly volatile gas. But the officers of Enterprise knew how to handle the shuttlepod, and they understood the Paraagan landing protocols. As the shuttlepod descended, they closed the plasma vents, certain that nothing could escape and ignite the gas.
Thirty-six hundred colonists were vaporized in the blast. Every building, every living thing, everything on the surface was destroyed in the fireball. Could the Enterprise crew have caused the destruction?
Recalled, Archer knows that the Vulcan High Command has convinced Starfleet of what they have long insisted. Humans are not ready for deep-space exploration.
But these were not the events as history recorded them. No one died. Enterprise was never recalled. This is the startling information offered by the mysterious Crewman Daniels—who claims to be from the thirty-first century and a foot soldier in the Temporal Cold War. Archer sets out to prove Enterprise's innocence. But time is a swiftly moving river in whose deadly rapids Enterprise is caught. Is there really anything they can do?



Part I characters

Jonathan ArcherDanielsMaxwell ForrestGaetaJamran HarnothHaynemTravis MayweatherPhloxMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoSilikT'PolCharles Tucker III
Referenced only
Henry ArcherKlaang

Part II characters

Jonathan ArcherDanielsMaxwell ForrestJamran HarnothTravis MayweatherPhloxRaanMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoSilikSovalT'PolCharles Tucker IIIMarcus Williams
Referenced only
Mary CahillDick FrancisFullerP.D. JamesNaimanRay RosenbaumGore VidalH.G. Wells

Novelization characters

Jonathan ArcherChefElizabeth CutlerDanielsDanikMaxwell ForrestFraddockGratJamran HarnothJ. KellyKlevTravis MayweatherPhloxPorthosRaanMalcolm ReedMichael RostovHoshi SatoSilikSovalT'PolCharles Tucker IIIMarcus Williams
Referenced only
Henry ArcherMandai BaatlZefram CochraneLeonardo da VinciBenjamin FranklinMaagla FremaaFullerSamuel GardnerW.M. JefferiesKlaangDaavico LoangNaimanTaylorKeyla TerranaH.G. WellsOrville WrightWilbur Wright

Starships and vehicles

DFC D'Kyr Enterprise (NX-01)Shuttlepod 1Shuttlepod 2Suliban cell shipSuliban stealth cruiser
Referenced only
bicycleFraddock's transport shipfreighterinspection podRutan Voyager


Earth (San FranciscoSan Francisco BayStarfleet Headquarters) • Great Plume of AgosoriaParaagan IISuliban Helix
Referenced only
Agosoria NebulaDetention Complex Twenty-Six • Earth (AustraliaBrazilEast AfricaEmbarcaderoVulcan CompoundZefram Cochrane Elementary School) • Earth Starfleet SpacedockHellLunaNew SausalitoP’JemParaagan Northern CoastParaagan Southern DesertQo'noSParaagan homeworldRisaSuliban homeworldTandar PrimeTandar Sector

Races and cultures

DenobulanFraddock's speciesHumanSulibanTandaranVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Command CouncilConfederacy of VulcanInterspecies Medical ExchangeStarfleet CommandSuliban CabalUnited EarthUnited Earth Starfleet
Referenced only
Romulan Star EmpireStarfleet Design CenterStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan High CommandVulcan Science DirectorateWarp Five Program

Ranks and titles

aideastronautbridge officerbunkmatecaptainchief engineerchief medical officercolonelcommandercommunications officercontortionistcrewmaneducatorensignfirst officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant junior grademagistratemajorminerofficeroperations supervisorpilgrimprodigyreceptionistscience officersecurity officersoldierstewardsubcommandertemporal agentVulcan Ambassador to United Earth

Science and classification

alienantimatterantimatter cascadeantimatter junctionantimatter streamatmosphereatmospheric analysisautostabilizerbinary starbiobedbloodboro-carbonbyproductcarrier wavechaos theoryChicken and the eggcircuitrycloaking generatorclockcommunicationscommunicatorcompanelcomputerconcussionconduitcontrol paneldata discdecoupling pindisruptorDNAeggelectricityEM signatureemitter algorithmenergyEPS conduitEPS gridequipment scannerflashlightgenetic engineeringgigawattgrapplergravityhourhydraulicshydrogenhyposprayjawkilometerlightninglightmaglockmagnetic locking clampmedical scannermillimeterminutenebulanight-lightpaddparticle weaponparts per millionphase cannonphase discriminatorphase devicephase pistolpistolplasmaplasma ductplasma exhaustplasma stormplasma streampolarized hull platingpositronpositronic conductorprobeprotostarquantum beaconquantum discriminatorreactorrespiratory systemribrib cagescannersedativesensorsensor gridspacespace stationspace-time scannerspatial coordinatesspatial torpedostellar nurserystun grenadesub-temporal harmonictachyontachyon radiationtemporal chamberTemporal Observatorytemporal signaturetetrazinetimetime machinetime portaltime traveltimelinetractor beamtransportertruth serumturboliftviewscreenwall monitorwarp corewarp drivewarp fieldwarp five enginewarp manifoldwarp nacellewarp reactorwarp reactor breachwave function

Other references

21322144215119th century20th century21st century22nd century28th century31st centuryAlong Came a SpiderampouleanalogyangelAnnieapartmentAprilbeeBible movieThe Bodybookboomerbread puddingbreakfastbridgebulkheadcamouflageCarpoolcatwalkchameleonThe Chapel of Saint-Christophecheesecircusclaustrophobiaclothingcoffeecolorful metaphorconcreteconference callcoppercorridordancedecontamination chamberdogDriving ForceEarth Starfleet uniformengineeringEnglish languageequal rightsexit hatchGanglandgazelleGreekguardian angelhigh schoolHollywoodhorseshoeIndustrial Ageinternment campJanovaJefferies tubeladleLatinlaunch baylemonlibrarylockerlock-out codelogicmatriarchymetalminingmonasterymonthmonumentmothballmuseumorange juicepajamapaperA Perfect Wife and MotherpilgrimagepinkskinA Place Called FreedomPlanet of the ApesThe Princessquartersrationready roomretirementrobeThe Romulan Star Empireschoolscrambled eggssenior staffsensor logSlopesStatue of Libertysuicidesymbiotic lifeformtanktopTargets of OpportunityTechnological Agetechnologytelephone party lineTemporal AccordTemporal Cold WarThe TraveleruniformutopiavideoVulcan nerve pinchwaterwater poloweaponyear


31st century



Notable cast and crew


Novelization images

Episode images


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