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Shran's family refers to the Andorian and Aenar ancestors, descendants, and relatives of Hravishran th'Zoarhi. Shran comes from a military family, and being a prominent officer himself, he found his life intertwined with the Aenar that were used as weapons by the Romulans. This led to a union between him and three Aenar, resulting in the first known Andorian-Aenar hybrid.

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Shran's family Genealogy: TreeEdit

Hravishran's charan¹
Hravishran's zhavey²
Thirijhamel & Gareb's charan¹
Thirijhamel & Gareb's zhavey²
Hravishran's thavan¹
Hravishran's shreya²
Thirijhamel & Gareb's thavan¹
Thirijhamel & Gareb's shreya²
Onalishenar ch'Sorichas
Thirijhamel zh'Dhaven
A chei or thei³
Hravishran th'Zoarhi
Lahvishri sh'Ralaavazh
Anishtalla zh'Dhaven
¹ A charan and a thavan are roughly analogous to a father.
² A zhavey and a shreya are roughly analogous to a mother.
³ A chei and a thei are roughly analogous to a son.

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