The shroud was a built-in ability to cloak found in the Jem'Hadar. (DS9 episodes: "The Jem'Hadar", "Rocks and Shoals")

Shrouding made Jem'Hadar invisible to the naked eye and for the most part to sensors, showing up only as random pockets of collected energy. A shrouded Jem'Hadar had to still use its cunning to stay quiet so not to be detected. Like cloaking devices, shrouding emitted gravitons, however they quickly dissipated making tracking possible, but difficult. The bio-electric field given off by a shrouded Jem'Hadar could be detected by Andorian antennae, and similarly gave off an aura detectable by other Jem'Hadar called the di'teh.

In 2376 several Jem'Hadar, including Kitana'klan and Taran'atar, beamed aboard Deep Space 9 and remained shrouded to hide their activity. With the exception of Taran'atar, all aimed to destroy the station. Kitana'klan was revealed-when the Andorian Shar detected him and threw a pitcher of fa'ntar at him-forced to "unshroud". Taran'atar remained shrouded to track down and dispatch the rest of Kitana'klan's crew before he revealed himself to the station’s personnel. (DS9 novels: Avatar, Book One, Avatar, Book Two)

Shroud IV was the designation given to a planet (coincidentally near an armada of cloaked ships) in the Romulan Neutral Zone in TOS video game: Star Trek: 25th Anniversary.

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