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"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" is the eighth episode of Star Trek: Discovery in the program's first season, which premiered on 5 November 2017 exclusively on CBS All Access.


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  • Personal log, Specialist Michael Burnham, Stardate 1308.9. 
    We landed on Pahvo eighteen hours ago. It's a seemingly uninhabited planet, but a unique and, for us, strategic one. Every tree, rock, and blade of grass here vibrates with its own specific tone. Together these combine to form a kind of music, the signature sound of the planet heard everywhere on the surface. The sound is even broadcast into space by a towering crystal structure, a sort of naturally-occurring transmitter. It is Starfleet's plan to modify the electromagnetic frequency of Pahvo's signal and harness it as a form of SONAR that can detect the presence of cloaked Klingon vessels decimating our fleet, make them visible to our sensors, and turn the tide of war in our favor.



AiriamR. A. BryceMichael BurnhamKatrina CornwellHugh CulberKeyla DetmerGrafkKolT'Shen KovilGabriel Lorca (mirror)L'RellJoann OwosekunGen RhysSaruSilrekPaul StametsTerralSylvia TillyTorathAsh Tyler (Klingon)unnamed KlingonsPahvans



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apex predatorradio silence


The Klingons and Starfleet continue warring.



  • The eighth episode of Discovery, this episode was made available on CBS All Access streaming service for subscribers only on 5 November 2017.

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