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Introduction (blurb)

For a century, the Cloud City of Stratos that hovers over Ardana has been abandoned, left only as a curiosity and a museum piece following the brutal civil war between the City Dwellers and the Troglytes. Now the city is starting to fall, and it's up to the S.C.E. team on the U.S.S. da Vinci to keep it from crashing to Ardana's surface.

However, there's more to this than the usual engineering conundrum. Relics from Ardana's past provide obstacles -- from a parasite that invades Fabian Stevens's brain to a booby trap that endangers Bart Faulwell's life, and finally to the S.C.E. being caught in the crossfire between two opposing factions, whose disagreements may cost two da Vinci crew members their lives!


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Carol AbramowitzNancy ConlonDomenica CorsiDreenaBart FaulwellDavid GoldSonya GomezMaxwell HammettSusan HaznedlRennan KonyaEllec KrotineLauoc SoanElizabeth LenseLarin NeloisMartina NemeckovaP8 BlueLaura PoynterRizzSarjenkaMontgomery ScottSolomanT'NelMor glasch TevFabian StevensVanovMakk VinxSongmin WongYaffie
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AlversonKara BainBalboaJil BarnakMoran BuskSoske BuskLeonardo da VinciKieran DuffyDiego FelicianoRachel GilmanJolenJames T. KirkKeith KowalAnthony MarkMisoBrilson LodinePlasusRod PortlynAnthony ShabalalaSandy Wetzel

Starships and vehicles

USS BataanUSS da VinciUSS Edisonshuttlecraft


ArdanaChinaDroxanaEarthFirst City, ArdanaGalvan VIK'lnyLejicoManhattanMerangueRisaStarbase 375StratosTeneb

Races and cultures

Ardanan (Stratos City DwellerTroglyte) • BorgBynarIotianNasatTellarite

States and organizations

DisruptorsNew FutureStarfleet Command Appeals BoardStarfleet Corps of EngineersSentinel

Other references

AladdinAndoriianti-gravity engineArdanan parasiteBand-AidcarncomaThe Complete Works of Richard BrautiganCouncil Spokesmancyclotron superconductorEMHgastiongraviton generatorGreat DisruptionHigh Advisor/Elected High AdvisorHistorianhologramJapanesekudzuMellonmotorcyclemovieponyRa'el Shareticular activating systemRetnox 5Soskespiderspider mumstrangler ivysynesthesiatessaracttransmattribblezenite


This story takes place beginning stardate 54683.2, and is established as being a month after the events of The Art of the Comeback.

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