Sikaar was a male Hephaestan doctor, one of two top medical practitioners on the planet Hephaestus in the year 2274.

History Edit

The Hephaestan High Council gave permission for Leonard McCoy and Christine Chapel to perform an autopsy on a murdered Hephaestan, which was supervised by Sikaar and Doctor Simaya. The autopsy revealed a subcutaneous symbiont at the base of the skull of the victim. Sikaar explained the origins of the symbiont to James T. Kirk, McCoy, and Chapel.

Sikaar watched helplessly as the spectacled Simaya was disintegrated by Klingon Commander Kagg. Sikaar and Spock dodged Kagg’s next shot, but debris from the wall behind them buried Sikaar, mortally wounding him. As Spock unburied him, Sikaar revealed that the symbionts had been kept a secret to help the council determine which side was more deserving of the mining privileges. He passed out before he could tell them the location of the manufacturing center, which only he and Simaya knew. McCoy was unable to save Sikaar’s life. (TOS comic: "All the Infinite Ways")

The names of Simaya and Sikaar were flipped midway through the story. The Hephaestan who wore spectacles was introduced as Simaya, but Kagg addressed him as Sikaar. The one without spectacles was introduced as Sikaar, but was referred to as Simaya thereafter.

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