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The Sikarians are a humanoid civilization, the inhabitants of the planet Sikaris III in the Sikarian sector of Delta Quadrant.

Details and history

The Sikarians' homeworld was the third planet in orbit of the Sikaris binary star system. Their governmental state was the Sikarian Canon.

The Sikarians were an old, technologically advanced species that are well known for their hospitality to visitors, especially those in need. Literature is of particular interest to the Sikarians, and there is a fervent desire among many of their population to hedonistically enjoy such fruits of civilization, and always to seek out new experiences as such.

One unusual development of Sikarian technology is the spatial trajector, which can instantaneously transport a person up to 40,000 light-years. The limit of its range is the planet Alastria.

By the 24th century, there were 620.5 million Sikarians living on their world.

Contact with Voyager

In the year 2371, the Sikarians summoned the Federation starship USS Voyager to their world for a cultural exchange. Gathorel Labin, lead magistrate of the Sikarian Canon, extended a hand of welcome to Kathryn Janeway and her crew, but due to a noninterference directive in the Sikarian Canon of Laws, could not share the trajector. Members of the Voyager crew purchased the technology against the orders of Labin and Janeway, but were unable to use it—the trajector relies on the tetrahedral quartz mantle possessed only by Sikaris III, and the device also produced antineutrino interference that prevented it from being used with Federation technology. (VOY episode: "Prime Factors"; ST reference: Star Charts)


  • Gathorel Labin
  • Eudana
  • Jaret Otel
  • unnamed Sikarians



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