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Captain's log, stardate 7795.3
The Enterprise had been headed for Parides IV, a strategically important and non-alighned planet, that has finally agreed to open up diplomatic relations with the Federation. But a scientific discovery of greater significance, in another sector of space, now requires the immediate presence of the Enterprise -- forcing me to consider a sudden change of plans! The Paridesians, however, a race to whome etiquette and protocol are almost a religion, and any delay in our arrival would be considered a major insult -- and a diplomatic disaster. So an elegant solution has been devised. A shuttlecraft, bearing myself, Commander Spock, Doctor McCoy and Federation ambassador Alec Raymond, will head for Parides IV and handle the diplomatic duties, while the Enterprise, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Sulu, will travel to the Duran system, where the scientific discovery awaits.



Sharolyn CarverChristine ChapelPavel ChekovJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyOmalRaydeenAlec RaymondMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhura
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Khan Noonien Singh

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Duran 12
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Alfa 177mirror universeParides IVPsi 2000

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USS Enterprise (Enterprise-subclass refit Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Hoyle (NCC-1701/04)

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