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Jonathan ArcherBillyEddieAlex GaetaMark LatrelleTravis MayweatherPhloxPorthosMadeline ReedMalcolm ReedMary ReedStuart ReedHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker IIIElachi
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Enterprise (NX-class) • Elachi starship
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Kota BharuMalaysiaQo'noSVulcan

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Earth StarfleetVulcan High Command

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Elachi Incubator

The mysterious ship from this episode was later reused as a Kovaalan vessel in a season three episode "".

In the Star Trek Online expansion Legacy of Romulus, these mysterious aliens are identified as the Elachi, a new enemy attacking Romulan colonies.

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Dear Doctor
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Dear Doctor
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Fortunate Son
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