Silvak Outpost was a Romulan Empire Star Navy outpost that was established in the unaligned Epsilon Theta star system in the year 2159, complemented by two shipyards, shipyard 86 and shipyard 263.

After the Romulans used a biogenic transport of Encari design to poison the inhabited planets of Epsilon Theta with a mutagenic virus, Silvak Outpost served as a staging area for Romulan vessels which attacked Earth Starfleet medical convoys that had been dispatched to treat the system. However, a task force of Earth Starfleet vessels led by the NX-class Enterprise NX-01, which was sent to protect a convoy of three Daedalus-class medical ships entering the system, found and destroyed the Silvak Outpost, allowing the convoy to cure the people of Epsilon Theta. (ST video game: Legacy)

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