Simon Anders was a male human born in 2209 on Earth.


In 2225, he left Earth with his parents, bound for the Beta Aurigae colony. However, the ship went off course due to an engine imbalance, and the ship crashed on a class M moon which was later dubbed "The Frontier". Anders' parents died in the crash, and he was adopted by the ship's captain, Mendez.

After Mendez's death several years later, Anders assumed leadership of the survivors' community, taking on the title "Captain". Anders led these this community until 2267, when they were discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise. Anders perceived James T. Kirk's presence as a threat to his authority, and betrayed him to a Klingon, D'kar, seeking vengeance on the Starfleet captain. (TOS - Constellations short story: "The Leader")


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