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In one permutation of the Kelvin timeline, Spock was raised by his mother Amanda Grayson on Earth after they were rejected as Humans by Vulcan society. Simon Grayson served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise as first officer and science officer during the 2260s decade. (Boldly Go - I.D.I.C. comic: "Issue 13")


Grayson joined Starfleet and grew up to resent Vulcans in general, and his father Sarek in particular. Grayson became friends with Leonard McCoy and rejected logic. As a result, the rebellious Lieutenant Commander Grayson clashed with Captain Christopher Pike over flaunting regulations. Grayson had his ears surgically altered to appeare more Human. (Boldly Go - I.D.I.C. comic: "Issue 13")

Circa 2263, Grayson disobeyed Pike's order to abandon the captain on Nibiru by sending a military shuttle to the rescue. Rather than expressing gratitude for his survival, Pike condemned Grayson to court martial. Confining the aberrant commander to quarters, Pike nevertheless patched down a connection from the bridge during the investigation of an anomaly. During a sudden attack by the Klingon warbird IKS Chonnaq, "The Orphan" demanded Grayson to be handed over as an act of revenge for a perceived injustice, which Pike refused. (Boldly Go - I.D.I.C. comic: "Issue 13")

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