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The Sindareen are a humanoid species native to the planet Sindar. Physically stronger and more resilient than humans, they are barely affected by a phaser blast set on "stun" and are merely stunned by a "kill" setting. When they speak, sound issues predominantly through nictating membranes on their necks.

Their natural aggression makes it difficult for empaths to read them; however, after a significant time with the same individual, Deanna Troi was able to penetrate this resistance and get a clear reading. In 2359, she was able to realize that Mar Loc was ready to kill her, and in 2368 she was able to detect that the Sindareen delegation was attempting to deceive other conference attendees about their supposedly peaceful intentions.

As a result of this deception, the Federation pulled out of peace negotiations and the Sindareen economy soon collapsed. With Federation help they were eventually able to rebuild, but never regained the height of their powers.

In 2408, a Sindareen scientist named Mar Loc (disguised as an Orion female) used the Guardian of Forever to travel back to the peace conference and kill Troi before she could reveal her deception. This created an alternate timeline in which the Sindareen became much more powerful, as without Troi exposing their deception they were able to rebuild more quickly with Federation aid and quickly re-establish their power base, whereas the original timeline's events forced them to focus solely on reconstruction. However, this alteration was undone when Admiral William T. Riker traveled to the past and saved Troi's life, having realized that Troi had been killed with a poison that didn't exist at the time of her original death and she must have been killed by a time traveler. (TNG novel: Imzadi)


Raiders on Betazed[]

All of the Sindareen raiders were named after various items typically found at a Jewish Passover Seder table.
  • Maror - leader of the raiders
  • Baytzah
  • Zroah
  • Charoset
  • Chazeret
  • Karpas