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Sindorin is a class M inhabited planet in the Badlands. It was roughly the size of Mars.

The planet is mostly tropical in nature, with two-thirds of the surface covered by water. The forests team with lower life forms. During rainy seasons, it rains twice a day - once in the early morning, and once in the early evening - so regularly that it was said a chronometer could be set by the pattern.


In the early 2300s, the Cardassian Union annexed the planet Ingav during their expansion. Two thousand Ingavi escaped and made their way to the Badlands, where their ship crashed on Sindorin.

Sometime during the 2370s, the Maquis surveyed the planet Sindorin, and were interested in a naturally occurring rare mineral deposited from volcanic activity, which the trees sucked up into the canopy along the ground water. The result was that the canopy provided a natural shield against all but the most direct sensor scan. However, plans to use the planet were abandoned due to a combination of the harsh weather along with the arrival of the Dominion.

The Dominion took a similar interest in the planet, and established a Jem'Hadar cloning facility on the southern continent. The facility was never brought fully online before the withdrawal of the Dominion forces from Allied space. In 2376, Ethan Locken and Section 31 took over the facility, although Locken would defy Section 31 and clone Jem'Hadar to be used as his soldiers. Locken was stopped by Julian Bashir. (DS9 - Section 31 novel: Abyss)

Mirror universe[]

In 2377, Terran Rebellion starships forced out of the Badlands by the Alliance regrouped at Sindorin, although the Klingon Ninth Fleet later reduced Sindorin to "radioactive glass". (DS9 novel: Warpath)