Sinnit Arvid was a male Tessma in the 23rd century.

Arvid was an accomplished gymnast, and in 2245, he took part in a gymnastic competition at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi on Earth. He was upset to learn that one of the judges, Emony Dax, was a Trill, a civilization with whom the Tessma had a long-running feud. Arvid felt Dax was not being objective in her judging, and attempted to murder her. He was stopped by another Trill, Kejjis Nar, who jumped in front of Arvid's honor blade and was grievously injured himself. Arvid was taken into custody, and deported shortly thereafter.

While at "Ole Miss," Arvid shared a dormitory room with Leonard McCoy. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "Old Souls")

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