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Audrid Dax writes a letter to her daughter, Neema Cyl, explaining the circumstances of her father's death, and the discovery of the Parasites.



Jon ChinDaxAudrid DaxCylNeema CylJuarezMiltonChristopher PikeVodJayvin Vod
Referenced only
Deilas CylLela DaxTobin DaxGranBaret VodCalila VodDevinel VodKelin VodTimus Vod

Starships and vehicles

USS Tereshkova (Starfleet science vessel)


Caves of Mak'alaHaliiStarbase 11Trill

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Kem'alta InstituteStarfleetTrill Symbiosis CommissionUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

cometenvironmental suitgravity bootskelboniteplisagraphzhian'tara


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  • Trill and the parasites - A century after the events of this story the relationship between the Trill and the parasites is revealed in the DS9 relaunch. In Unity the parasites make another attempt to attack the Trill, and in "Trill: Unjoined" the races' shared history is explored.
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  • The bulk of this story takes place on stardate 1229, or 2265, a year before Christopher Pike's debilitating accident. The framing story is fifteen years later, or 2280.


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