Sirna Kolrami was a Zakdorn male who was widely regarded as a master strategist by the 24th century.

Kolrami was a V.I.P. known for leadership skills and a Grandmaster of the game Stratagema. (CCG set: Premiere, card: "Sirna Kolrami")

In late 2365, Starfleet recruited Kolrami to observe a battle simulation between the USS Enterprise-D and USS Hathaway and to advise on tactics as Starfleet prepared for an inevitable confrontation with the Borg. (TNG episode: "Peak Performance")

Sirna Kolrami may be related in some way to Federation Agriculture Secretary Kolrami, though this has yet to be firmly established.

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"A starship captain is not manufactured - he, or she, is born from inside - from the character of the individual..."
Kolrami aboard the Enterprise-D in 2365. (TNG episode: "Peak Performance", later quoted in TLE - Enterprise Logs short story: "Shakedown")

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