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Sita Mohindas was a Human female who served in Starfleet in the 23rd century. Through the early-2250s she served under Captain Christopher Pike as the USS Enterprise's helmsman.

Mohindas was born in the city-state of Delhi on Earth, the daughter of Ambassador Rajiv Mohindas. She was considered an excellent, all-around flight officer when she came aboard the USS Enterprise in 2251 having turned down a promotion on the USS Valley Forge to serve under Captain Christopher Pike on the Enterprise. Mohindas was a sharp-tongued woman who favored a quick retort, especially with her partner on the Bridge, José Tyler. She was also a strong believer in having fun. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

In 2254, she was amongst the injured during the Kaylar coup on Rigel VII. (EV comic: "Our Dearest Blood")

As her father was the one who had made first contact with the planet Liria, Sita always felt guilty concerning Lieutenant Nano, as she believed her family bore the blame for him being a permanent outsider. Later in 2254, Nano absolved her of this blame, saying he actually owed her family a great debt. (EV comic: "One of a Kind")

One year later, in 2255, Mohindas participated in a mission to obtain a quantity of the mineral ryetalyn from planet Cypria III during a particularly-virulent outbreak of Rigelian fever aboard the Enterprise. Despite becoming infected herself, Mohindas ably performed her duties as helmsman, even after the starship fell under attack by a Klingon force. (TOS novel: Child of Two Worlds)



  • Early Voyages' use of Mohindas as flight officer could appear to contradict The Cage, where Number One mans the helm. Presumably however, she was filling in due to Mohindas' injuries in the Kaylar coup depicted in "Our Dearest Blood".
  • While not mentioned in any of the stories, the character listing introduced in the fold-out-flap added to Early Voyages issues from seventh issue of the series describes Mohindas as "next in line for command after Number One", making her the Enterprise's second officer as well as helmsman.
  • The Star Trek Early Voyages Sketchbook, printed in seventh issue of the series shows that in developing the design for Mohindas' character artist Patrick Zircher originally planed for her to have green eyes. This apparently changed for the final design, in which she was consistently colored with gray/brown eyes.


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