The Six-Day War (Hebrew: מלחמת ששת הימים, Milhemet Sheshet Ha Yamim; Arabic: النكسة, an-Naksah, "The Setback" or حرب ۱۹٦۷, Ḥarb 1967, "War of 1967") was a war between the Earth nation state of Israel and the nation states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syrian that took place from June 5 to 10, 1967.

Tensions between Israel and its neighbors were high in 1967. In response to Egyptian troops gathering at its borders Israel launched a pre-emptive strike at Egyptian air fields, largely destroying the Egyptian air force. They then began a ground offensive that inflicted heavy losses on the Egyptians and its allies.

On June 11 a cease fire was signed between the belligerents. Israel took control of a large amount of territory following the war, tripling in size. Following the war there would continue to be years of turmoil in the Middle East before a final peace was achieved.

In the 24th century Kamilah Goldstein - who was the daughter of a Jewish father and a Muslim mother - often relived the Six-Day war on the holodeck to remind herself of the violent history of her ancestors and that differences could be overcome She would alternate between reliving the war either as a Jew or a Muslim. (SA comic: "Prime Directives")

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