Skootch was a 24th century Starfleet officer, a member of an alien species who served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D in the 2360s decade, with the rank of lieutenant.


In the year 2364, Skootch acted as Data's relief at the operations manager bridge station. A humanoid with pinkish skin, a bald scalp and a pronounced brow, Skootch confirmed that Data's used of the slang term "ditto" was correct as the android left to go to the ship's Christmas party. Skootch remained at this position during an encounter with the Creeg and was present when the energy spirit pursued by the Creeg appeared on the bridge. (TNG comic: "Spirit in the Sky!")

Skootch wore a command division red Starfleet uniform rather than the operations division gold uniform usually worn by operations managers. In some panels he has a white stripe running from his brow to his temples which appears like it could be a growth of hair, but in other views it is absent.



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