"And the River Skral ran crimson red..."
- Klingon drinking song

The River Skral is located on the Klingon Empire homeworld, Qo'noS in the Beta Quadrant. Rafting is popular on the river.


In Klingon history this is known as the site where Kahless the Unforgettable defeated the tyrant Molor during their final battle, following the events of Qam-Chee. (DS9 episode: "The Way of the Warrior")

Klingon drinking songEdit

Due to the glorious nature of this river it was mentioned in at least one Klingon drinking song.

"Ej IM-ta fey DE-ja i. (And the blood was ankle deep.) Ejdahk-so- TAS ghos va Skral byteek. (And the River Skral ran crimson red.) Empa jaj law-moch jaj-push. (On the day above all days.) Jaj Kayless-Molor-migh hohk-chew koo. (When Kahless slew evil Molor dead.)"

This song was sung by Worf and Huraga in 2372 as he was visiting Deep Space 9 with the Klingon fleet of General Martok. Huraga told the Starfleet commander that in his youth he used to sing this song with Worf's father, Mogh. (DS9 episode: "The Way of the Warrior")

This is also the song that The Doctor was attempting to teach Seven of Nine in USS Voyager's Mess hall in 2376. (VOY episode: "Barge of the Dead")


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