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The Skrreea (or Skrreeans) were a humanoid species from the Gamma Quadrant. They were under T-Rogoran rule for eight centuries and were forced to work as laborers and servants. This ended in 2370, when the Dominion conquered the T-Rogarans, allowing the Skrreea to escape.

The Skrreea's ships later spread themselves across the Gamma Quadrant looking for the "Eye of the Universe". Haneek's ship later entered the Bajoran wormhole and she found herself in the Alpha Quadrant. Commander Benjamin Sisko told her she could bring all three million of her people to Deep Space 9.

Haneek identified Bajor as being Kentanna, the new home of the Skrreea identified in their ancient texts. She made a request for her people to able to settle there, although Rozahn told her the government had turned down their request. Starfleet later settled them on Draylon II. (DS9 episode: "Sanctuary")

Doctor Meron Byxthar, a sociological expert, observed life on the Skrreean communes on Draylon II as part of her work. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)

In 2376, when settling the Europani on Bajor, Solis Tendren wished the Skrreea had been allowed to settle on the planet and farm the land, as the northwest peninsula was still underdeveloped. (DS9 novel: Cathedral)

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