Skurians were a patriarchal felinoid species from the homeworld of Skur.

Background[edit | edit source]

They wore formal gloves, cloaks, and clothing, but left their clawed feet exposed. Fur ranged from light brown to a golden orange color. They were carnivorous and ate meat from plates without silverware.

By the 23rd century, their civilization had advanced to the point of having at least one large city, abundant agriculture, hovercraft, rifles and being able to respond to hails. They also believed they had the capability to destroy a Federation starship in orbit.

A race of humanoids had evolved on Skur, but only with animal intelligence, and were often locked in zoos.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2266, James T. Kirk, Spock and Montgomery Scott made a disastrous first contact with the Skurians. The apparent role-reversal of man and animal made both sides uncomfortable. When Scott offended Zeldon, the landing party was locked in an animal zoo. (TOS comic: "Captives in Space")

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