King Slathis was a male Gorn who lived in the 24th and 25th centuries. Following the death of his father Xrathis, Slathis ascended to the throne of the Gorn Hegemony.


In the year 2386, his father, Xrathis, passed away. Slathis had been the crown prince and thus ascended the throne.

2389 saw King Slathis negotiating with the Nausicaans (offering money and asteroid belts in exchange for weapons and ships) for assistance in the war with the Klingon Empire.

In 2391, the king went to the Letheans for assistance, even without any known resources to offer.

Following the annexation of the Gorn Hegemony by the Klingon Empire in 2403, King Slathis gained a non-voting seat in the Klingon High Council in return for swearing fealty to the Empire. (STO website: The Path to 2409, STO novel: The Needs of the Many)


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King of the Gorn Hegemony
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