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The Slaver outpost was an outpost left over from the long extinct Slaver Empire.

History and specifics[]

The outpost was constructed one billion years ago. It featured a circular layout with walls built from an unknown metal alloy that blocked communications, partially blocked tricorder scans, and was capable of enduring for eons. At the time, it had a nearly impenetrable entrance.

By the 23rd century, the compound had far outlasted the Slavers who built it, becoming the only known structure from their civilization to survive. While partially ruined, it was still standing on an unnamed planet in territory unexplored by the Federation. By this time, the structure was situated on open ground surrounded by jungle, and had apparently not been disturbed by the planet's inhabitants, who had been seeded there by the Providers. However, some animals had been able to enter and exit the ruins. Seeded lifeform species living around the outpost included the Antosian dryworm, Capellan power cat, Gamma Trianguli VI pod plant, le-matya, mugato, sehlat, and swooper. Several Slaver sunflowers also grew around the facility.

In 2270 the outpost was discovered by a landing party from the starship USS Enterprise while pursuing the crew of an alien spacecraft. One room projected a hologram of a Slaver, who had been recorded gesturing and speaking an unintelligible language, only the second time an image of a Slaver had ever been found. Hidden in the walls were four stasis boxes. (Heritage Models RPG module: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier)

One of its main computer cores contained diagrams for a matter conversion beam weapon, though its console was damaged and inoperative. This would only become known if the core was examined carefully.