Slessshh was a 24th century Gorn individual, an warlord and leader of Gorn's Black Crest movement.


In 2374, believing that the political caste was weak, Slessshh led his Black Crest soldiers in a coup against the ruling council to make his people strong once again. He made sure to kill all the council members and the eggs of the political caste. Slesssh then ordered General Khaaarr to launch the Gorn war fleet. He also ordered him to annihilate every Federation outpost in their territory despite their lack of tactical information and knowledge of the Federation. After that, he entered the council chamber to confront the USS Enterprise-E's Captain, Jean-Luc Picard and his away team. Once there he took Captain Picard and his team hostage and killed all the surviving council members. He then ordered Picard to surrender his ship. Slesssh then contacted the Enterprise-E's acting captain, Commander Data, threatening to kill Picard if he did not give into his demands. Commander Data refused to so. When Commander Data beamed down, Slessshh and his people were called weak. Slessshh then agreed to a deal that Picard proposed; if he defeats Data, the Enterprise will surrender, if he loses he would order the fleet to stand down. At first he thought it would be an easy victory. Unfortunately, Slessshh was defeated and he ordered the fleet to stand down. (TNG comic: "The Gorn Crisis")

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