Ensign Slovaak was a Vulcan male and Starfleet engineer who served on the USS Incursion.

Slovaak was from a well-known Vulcan family, a descendant of one of the Vulcans who made first contact with Earth. He studied neurochemistry and physics at the Vulcan Science Academy and graduated with top honours, he then began working towards the state of Kolinahr. After achieving Kolinahr, Slovaak noticed a marked increase in his telepathic abilities. Fascinated, he began to develop his abilities and eventually became able to conduct mind melds without physical contact, even through walls and doors. Hearing of Slovaak's research, Captain Refelian was keen to have him join the crew of the USS Incursion.

Slovaak's advanced mind meld abilities have often proved useful; as part of an away team to the crippled USS Leyte Gulf he used his abilities to access the mind of the Warden controlled Captain, Aaron Jurai, and discover he had closed the Leyte Gulf's plasma vents, in the hopes of causing a warp core breach. Fortunately, after having discovered this information, the away team was able to prevent the starship's destruction. (Away Team: The Leyte Gulf)

Later in Warden crisis, Slovaak joined an away team to the Warden base on Vulcan. His abilities once again proved useful, allowing him to take control of Warden controlled Vulcans and access otherwise inaccessible equipment and security systems, allowing the away team to successfully infiltrate the base and eventually defeat the Wardens (Away Team: Warden Headquarters). (ST video game: Away Team)

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