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The Snipe-class was a Romulan frigate starship in Imperial Star Navy service in the 23rd century, becoming active on stardate 2251.0. The Snipe vessels were built on the standard small bird-of-prey hull spaceframe. (ST video game: Starfleet Command)

Technical specifications

Standard configuration

Snipe-class, ventral.

The vessels crewed 10, with space to carry 4 marine troops for deployment. Additionally, the Snipe was loaded with a single standard personnel transporter and also a single tractor beam. A berth for one Romulan shuttlecraft was standard to these vessels.

The basic Snipe (Snipe "A" configuration) had a plasma torpedo launcher and two phaser emitters. The vessels were defended by standard deflector shields. In most cases, a cloaking device was outfitted.

Snipe-AR configuration

The "AR" configuration of stardate 2265.0 was essentially identical to the standard Snipe "A", with minor differences in armament. Specifically, the "AR" had an additional two rear phasers.

Snipe-B battle frigate configuration

Aft view, 2380s.

Introduced on stardate 2279.0, the "B" configuration was a battle frigate essentially identical to the standard Snipe, with some differences in armament. In particular, the Snipe had two additional wing mounted plasma launchers.

Snipe-P police frigate configuration

The Snipe "P" police frigate configuration of stardate 2250.0 was a modification designed to give the ship enhanced power management, with the removal of the standard cloaking device.

Snipe-P+ advanced police frigate configuration

The Snipe "P+" police frigate configuration of stardate 2250.0 was a modification designed to give the ship enhanced power management, with the removal of the standard cloaking device and a low-power phaser system.

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24th century

The Snipe class was a known Romulan vessel in the 24th century. A configuration in the 2380s featured downswept nacelle pylons. (LD episode: "Strange Energies")

Service history

A 2260s-era Vas Hatham-class bird of prey.

Built on the standard Vas Hatham-class bird-of-prey spaceframe becoming active on stardate 2251.0. In the 2280s decade, the Romulan Imperial Navy fielded frigates of this class during battles with the Federation, Klingon Empire, Hydran Kingdom and other powers. (ST video game: Starfleet Command)

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Mariner's holographic Snipe.

In the 2380s, Ensign Beckett Mariner of the USS Cerritos used the ship's holodeck for physical exercise and self-therapy. Within the simulation appeared Romulan Snipe-class frigates captured by Cardassians and held within an asteroid base. Ensign Mariner escaped her torturers with a Cardassian hostage towards the base's hangar bay. She beamed them aboard the bridgeof the USS MacDuff, forcing the Cardassian officer to take the helm. The deflector shields of the MacDuff managed to withstand the fire from pursuing Hideki-class scouts. A phaser beam struck a nearby Snipe. Mariner's holodeck session was interrupted by Jennifer before the MacDuff completed its escape run. (LD episode: "Strange Energies")

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