A snow monstrosity was a type of snow-based creature, a monster animated by q for his Winter Wonderland. The ranks of the Snow Borg included different classes of snow monstrosities. STO - Delta Rising mission: "Tide of Ice")

History and specificationsEdit

Snow monstrosities were first encountered among the Snow Borg when they began their attempts to enter the Winter Wonderland valley through the Ice Fortress in Wonderland year 2014. The Gingerbread veteran reported the Snow Borg were a creation of q's. The monstrosities were Snowmen assimilated by the Borg Collective. Among them, the monstrosities deviated from the common Snowman body plan of three balls of frozen water and included more technology.

While individual Snow Borg did not speak, their hive mind pronounced threats against the Gingerbread folk and their Alpha Quadrant Alliance defenders. STO - Delta Rising mission: "Tide of Ice")


Airborne Snow Monstrosity


Bursting Snow Monstrosity


Guardian Snow Monstrosity


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