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Lewis Zimmerman visits Deep Space 9 to study Vic Fontaine.


Doctor Lewis Zimmerman is resentful of the Vic Fontaine hologram on DS9. Almost all of his creations were failures, and people keep asking for a hologram like Vic. And yet the hologram is somewhat mysterious in how he works. Even the creator of Vic claims to know little on how Vic does what he does. So it is up to Zimmerman to bring the hologram to Jupiter Station to study him. But Vic is hesitant and then tells the doctor the story on how he came to be, a story that no one else knows. Now that the doctor knows the mystery, it is up to him to decide on whether to leave Vic be, or to still bring him back to save his own career.



Julian Bashir (hologram)Jadzia Dax (hologram)Emergency Culinary HologramVic FontaineKira Nerys (hologram)LeetaMornMiles O'Brien (hologram)Odo (hologram)QuarkRomBenjamin Sisko (hologram)Lewis Zimmerman
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Lauren BacallHumphrey BogartSammy Davis, Jr.Albert EinsteinFritzLeonardDean MartinNogFrank SinatraBenjamin SiskoWorf

Starships and vehicles


Deep Space 9PromenadeQuark'sVic's lounge
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Jupiter StationLas Vegas

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States and organizations

Department of Holographic Imagery and ProgrammingStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Other references

1960sAmielian teaBajoran wormholecaptaincigar • "Clyde" • coffeecomputercrewmandata rodDaystrom Prize for HolographyDominion WarEmergency Culinary Holographic SystemEmergency Medical Hologramforce fieldgaghginhologramholomatrixholosuitehorsehyposprayiguanalong-term Medical Holographic program • "lounge lizard" • majormartinioliveonionoperations centerpersonal log • "Pup" • probePromenaderacquetballreactorRobby the Robotspace stationStarfleet uniformvodkawhiskeywormhole



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