Sobon was a male Vulcan who lived from the early 22nd century.

At some point, he joined the Vulcan Science Academy and became one of their most respected physicians. Following First contact, he became part of the scientific expedition to Earth where his activities were notable for being something of a maverick compared to the rest of his kind. This was because he was one of the few Vulcans who advocated a closer relationship with Humans and the sharing of technology in specific fields most notably in medicine. It was through his actions that human medical science made several leaps in a comparitively short period of time which allowed for the development of numerous cures and treatments for various debilitating diseases as well as increased the human life span in the course of a century.

In 2164, Sobon was part of a group of doctors sent by the Federation to Sauria to find a cure for the plague that raged on the planet and treat the infected citizens. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

However, in 2227, he resigned from his post at the Science Academy in order to pursue other interests and continued his study of the mental arts. He attained the position of an adept and became a master of the mental healing arts with it often being noted that he wore simple robes that were typically worn by older healers as well as Kolinahr High Masters. Despite this, Sobon later rejected his title and position whereupon he began living as well as working as a simple healer at an isolationist village near the Llangon Mountains.

By 2267, he contacted Doctor Jabilo M'Benga and offered his services to treat T'Prynn as he was skilled in the treatment of certain psychological ailements that were known to affect Vulcans on rare occasions. (VAN novel: Open Secrets)

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