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A soil reclamator was a device designed to purify soil of contaminants so that it could be farmed.

Following the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, the Bajoran Agricultural Ministry developed reclamators to deal with poisons left in much of the planet's farmland by the Cardassians. A political crisis ensued over these in 2371 between Kai and Acting First Minister Winn Adami, who wanted to use them in Rakantha Province to purify land to grow cash crops for export, and a group of former Bajoran Resistance fighters in Dahkur Province led by Shakaar Edon who had been promised longer use of the reclamators. Shakaar eventually ran for first minister himself, defeating Winn. (DS9 episode: "Shakaar")

Soil reclamators were later used in Zhentu Province. (DS9 novel: Original Sin)

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