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The Sol asteroid belt was a band of more than 7,000 asteroids found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in the Sol system, located in Sector 001 of the Alpha Quadrant.

Ten of these asteroids had diameters larger than 250 km. The largest was the planetoid Vesta at 933 km. (ST reference: Star Charts)


Four million years prior to the 23rd century, Cybertron, shaken loose from its star by civil war, drifted into the path of the belt. Optimus Prime led a group of Autobots to clear a hole large enough for Cybertron to pass through only to be attacked by Megatron's elite once their task was complete. (TAS - Star Trek vs. Transformers comic: "Issue 2")

The planetoid Ceres lay within the belt. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual: Agent's Orientation Sourcebook)

Wrigley's Pleasure Planet was one of the asteroids. Its interior was hollowed out to build parks and special theme centers. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

In 2020, the Aventeur-class sublight explorer USS Lewis & Clark passed through the asteroid belt on its way from Earth to Saturn. Despite the low risk of collision, Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher and pilot Alice Fontana decided to take turns manning the cockpit continuously. (TOS novel: The Rings of Time)

The 21st century Earth colony-ship Wanderer followed a trajectory between the orbits of Venus and Uranus. During its first pass by the asteroid belt, colonists traded supplies for ore and industrial goods with several mining craft. (TOS novel: The Galactic Whirlpool)

Circa 2179, the USS Benjamin Franklin defeated a fleet of pirate vessels in the belt, in what was known as as the Battle of the Belt. (TNG novel: The Haunted Starship)



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