Sola Thane was a 23rd century half Human, half Zaranite woman born on the planet Zaran II.


She was the first non-Vulcan to participate with distinction in a Vulcan mental event which required a high order of philosophical sophistication and pure logic. She was once a member of Starfleet; during the course of her career in Starfleet, she saved a starship during the Endurance incident, and was slated to take command of a ship of her own before she resigned her commission and disappeared. (TOS novel: Triangle)

It was later discovered, during an encounter with the USS Enterprise in the year 2274, that she had obtained the rank of a Free Agent of the Federation. It was while acting as a Free Agent that Sola worked to free her people, who were under forced servitude to the Zaran Totality, and aided in the Zaran Rebellion. (TOS novel: Triangle)

As a Zaran female, Sola had latent bonding-powers. Were she to undertake the mate-hunt, a ritual which involved hunting for and rescuing a male partner from the dangerous jungles of Zaran, she would bond herself to him; once bonded, a psionic unit would be formed, which was traditionally used to bond tribes together. This ability, due to Sola's lineage and her half-human genetic make up, was highly sought by the Totality in order to spread their mental-group-link, or Oneness, across the galaxy by force. The Totality attempted to trick Sola into bonding multiple times, and even offered the whole of the Zaran Totality to her, including its leader, Soljenov, but she refused. Sola was then forced by the Totality to undertake the mate-hunt for two men, James T. Kirk and Spock, although undertaking the mate-hunt for two men was unheard of in the history of Zaran. Sola did not complete her mate-hunt, instead making a deal with Soljenov of the Totality to go with them in exchange for Kirk and Spock's freedom, as well as that of the Enterprise, and any members of the Zaran Rebellion who wished to leave the Totality. (TOS novel: Triangle)

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