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Solon was a 23rd century Vulcan woman. She was a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, and in 2270 was posted as the Human/Horta liaison at the Pergium Production Station on Janus VI.


Solon's specialty was as a telepathic interpreter. She was highly trained in the use of the Vulcan mind meld to establish communications with species lacking verbal skills. She also earned professional-level competency in the fields of zoology, diplomacy and computer operations.


In 2270, Solon was given administrative-level quarters and a VIP office on Janus VI. Unfortunately, two weeks after she arrived, miner Louis Handy was found murdered, and the Horta mother was believed to have witnessed the crime. Before Solon could hear her testimony with a mind meld, the Horta was also killed. Solon then filed a report through the Federation Diplomatic Corps recommending that the mine be closed on logical grounds: without the Horta mother, her thousands of children had nobody to teach them how to safely interact with the miners. Solon believed the children should be left to mature on their own.

The Federation starship USS Enterprise arrived to provide legal assistance for a hearing and trial. Solon meet with Captain James T. Kirk, Starfleet Legal Services officer Laura Delaney, and ship's landing party, then privately told Kirk about her recommendations.

The discovery that the dead Horta was a previously-unknown second mother Horta changed her mind about closing the facility. She insisted on locating the missing Horta mother. Once found, Solon confirmed that the Horta would be willing to care for the dead mother's eggs. Solon told the Enterprise crew that the Horta hoped some of her children might someday be allowed to explore other planets.

Solon also recommended that a research outpost be established to search for more isolated Horta colonies. (FASA RPG module: Witness for the Defense)

Solon was denoted as female on Solon's character sheet and in the module's introduction, but plot segments mistyped her as being male.



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