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Sompek was an Emperor of the Klingon Empire in ancient times. He was remembered as a great hero of the Empire, perhaps most famous for his conquest of the city of Tong Vey. (DS9 episode: "Rules of Engagement") He was noted as being the last official Emperor of the Empire over three centuries ago. (TNG video game: Klingon Honor Guard)

Sompek was credited with the transformation of the First City from a defensive fortress encompassing the Great Hall into a proper city, and influencing the city's architecture for centuries to follow. Sompek also supposedly wrote the Klingon opera Goqlath Castle, though some believe he in fact took credit for another composer's work. (KE novel: A Burning House)

Sompek was protected by Palkar, a tradtion that led to the House of Palkar's role protecting the Klingon Empire for centuries. (KE novels: Honor Bound, Enemy Territory) It was known that during his reign, the Klingon Empire made first contact with the Deferi. This encounter left a lasting impression on the species who assisted his fleet in times of need and they were gratified by the loyalty of the Empire to them. (STO mission: "Cold Call")

Lieutenant Commander Worf was an admirer of Sompek, and played the role of the emperor in a holosuite recreation of the Battle of Tong Vey. (DS9 episode: "Rules of Engagement")

The IKS Sompek ships are presumably named in his honor.

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