The Soong Foundation was an organization within the United Federation of Planets. It was affiliated with the Daystrom Institute and was dedicated with the promotion of the rights of artificial lifeforms.

In 2383, the Foundation began research on the Doctor's mobile holographic emitter in order to create a design of their own for use by civilians. A year later, Starfleet agreed to transfer the Soong-type android B-4 to the Soong Foundation. B-4 had been deactivated after his discovery by the USS Enterprise-E in 2379, but the Foundation had hoped to restore his positronic functions.

In 2385, the organization gained the expertise of Geordi La Forge, who requested a long-term leave of absence from Starfleet in order to study B-4. While examining B-4, the group uncovered the Data matrix, unlocking the memories, personality and experience of the deceased Commander Data. Once the Data persona took control, he worked to help the Foundation in upgrading his positronic brain, as well as recreating the emotion chip. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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