Sorahl was a male Vulcan, born in 2027, the son of Sotir and T'Lera, and the grandson of Savar. In 2045, as a senior cadet in the Vulcan Offworld Service officer training program, he was selected as navigator of an observational mission to Earth, aboard a vessel commanded by his mother, T'Lera.

While in Earth orbit, their vessel suffered multiple malfunctions of their retrothrusters, and fell into the atmosphere. Efforts to destroy themselves before discovery failed, and Sorahl, along with T'Lera, were retrieved from their landing site in the Pacific Ocean by the tenders of agronomy station Agro III, Tatya Bilash and Yoshi Nakamura. Sorahl was able to establish a positive rapport with these humans, but soon thereafter, was compelled by AeroNav Captain Jason Nyere to leave Agro III for the Byrd Research Complex in Antarctica, to be examined and questioned by representatives of the United Earth government. He and T'Lera were able to escape with the help of a group of temporally displaced Starfleet officers led by Captain James T. Kirk, who placed them aboard an old DY-100 ship and sent them back on their way back to Vulcan.

During their time on Earth, Sorahl was able to formulate an anti-fungal agent to counteract a destructive infection called kelpwilt, which was endangering the world's kelp crops during this same period. Nakamura was able to preserve the formula for this treatment following his memory "wiping", and to successfully apply it to his crops. Dubbed Sorahlaze, it eradicated the kelpwilt from the world's kelp crop within a single season.

They returned several months ahead of schedule, thanks to Sorahl's encounter with a Vulcan robot ship. During their return, T'Lera removed memories of the future Starfleet officers from Sorahl's mind, and neither reported this information during their post-mission debriefings.

Sorahl's logs of this mission were held in the Vulcan Archives for the rest of his life, while he continued to serve with the Offworld Service. He died in 2274, at age 247. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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