Sorahlaze was an artificial enzyme designed by Vulcan scientist and explorer Sorahl during his unplanned visit to Earth in 2045. It was devised to combat kelpwilt, a fungal infection that was threatening to destroy the world's kelp crop in that year.

Sorahl gave his formula to agronomist Yoshi Nakamura, who preserved it (along with the name, which Nakamura coined) on a piece of paper so he was able to retrieve it after having his memories of alien contact "wiped" by Dr. Elizabeth Dehner. Once he rediscovered it, Nakamura contacted AgroInternational, and volunteered his kelp station, Agro III, as the test site for the treatment. After its initial success, Sorahlaze was made available at cost to all agrostations, and within a year, kelpwilt was completely eradicated.

Sorahlaze, and variations of it, continued in wide agricultural use into the late 23rd century. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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