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Sordinia IV was a habitable planet, the fourth in its star system, located in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant near Federation Starbase 23. The planet was inhabited by a sentient humanoid race known as the Sordinians.

Sordinia was rich in mineral wealth and proved a tempting target for numerous pirates and plunderers who in turn brought untold misery and destruction to the Sordinian civilization in the process. Things began to change in the 2250s when the United Federation of Planets established contact with the Sordinians and sought their admission into the Federation, which gained the support of Prime Vodis Vodanis. Soon Sordinia's mineral wealth was used by the Sordinian's to rebuild their cities and begin to thrive, they even constructed a large deflector shield grid around their capital city in order to improve defense.

These defenses were certainly necessary in 2257 when the N'shaii launched an invasion of Sordinia IV by placing several satellites in orbit. Initially unsure of their intent, Vodanis contacted Starfleet and they dispatched the USS Constitution to investigate. Soon after the Constitution entered orbit, the satellites began to bombard the planet, especially the capital city, with their powerful directed energy weapons. Thankfully, the Constitution was able to take down the satellite network and their mothership and the planet was saved. Although it was initially believed that the N'shaii had targeted Sordinia for its mineral wealth, it was later learned that it was all part of an elaborate competition between the various N'shaii factions. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)


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